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Chelle & Griselda

Hi! We are Chelle & Griselda Escobedo!

How did you get into bus life?

Chelle was a single mom looking for an affordable living arrangement and went to a tiny house festival. 

I found the “skoolie yard” and also coincidentally had a friend who already had a bus she wasn't using and begged her to let me buy her bus and so I did 😀 

I met Griselda while living on that bus and we got married and did the “paying rent” for a year. 

Then Chelle said she is buying a bus, lol, even just to camp in but eventually get out of the rat race and go full time. 

Griselda was on board for part-time camping but after getting laid off was all in 😀

Where did you find your bus: 

We found our bus on Facebook Marketplace in Tennessee

Why did you choose this bus?

This bus was pristine clean and also had a 30 amp power box and plug-in strips (it was formerly going to be a food truck selling grilled cheese). It also had A/C and all of the seats were out already (minus 1). 

The flooring was already down. (on top of the rubber~we later found out when redoing the flooring)

How was the conversion process?

We started out with a “no-build” build (we got a bed frame from amazon, a cabinet, a countertop, and had a portable potty. Then my wife, Griselda, dug in and wanted to build and really enjoyed the experience. 

I was nervous about having a saw so I made her take the measurements to Home Depot and have them cut lol! But after the bed was successful I did cave and let her get cutting tools 😀 

We have re-built our bus a few times since living in it full time.

What is it like to live/travel on the bus?

We love it!

We like the views, the food, the experiences, and especially the friends we meet on the road.  We love to reconnect with old while on our travels. 

It isn't for everyone. You have to be open-minded and willing to be adventurous and flexible with any “plan”.

What do you like most and least about living on a bus?

We love the people the most, the least we don't like is the unknown.

What is something you would like to tell people looking to get into this life?

LIVE IN YOUR VEHICLE BEFORE BUILDING!! for as long as you can stand it. 

If you can't LIVE in it simply~this life ISN'T for you! 

Because you will have low/no power sometimes or need water/heat/air and NOT have it and you NEED to be OK with that when it happens.

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Thank you Chelle & Griselda for being a part of this Skoolie Community!

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