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Ché & Gordon

Ché & Gordon
​”​Adventures await those that are brave enough to choose it!

We are Che and Gordon.

How did you get into bus life?

We have been wanting to do Van-life for over 4 years and when covid hit we were in lockdown and knew we wanted to do something meaningful. 

We started searching and fell in love with the idea of a bus! Once we realized how big the skoolie community was, we were sold!

Where did you find your bus: 

We got our bus on Facebook Marketplace for a steal!

Why did you choose this bus?

She was well maintained, under the rust belt and she was already painted and seats removed. So it made it a little easier.

How was the conversion process?

Much longer than we anticipated but we went deep into certain areas and spent more time which we are so grateful for now!

What is it like to live/travel on the bus?

Once we move in tomorrow, we will be able to branch out on this! But we can’t wait to actually get on the road and travel and just park our tiny home on wheels wherever!!

What do you like most and least about living on a bus?

We love the fact that we can take all of our comforts with us wherever we travel.

The least likable thing will probably be to clean the toilet or drain the grey water tank…

What is something you would like to tell people looking to get into this life?

Be prepared to set a deadline and be flexible with finishing the build! Don’t wait too long because life will pass you by! 

If you want to do it,  then take action before you feel you are ready because you will never feel ready!

Where can we follow you? Please include your website, social media channels for us to share your story and link back to you!

IG – @our_bus_Olive

Youtube – Gordon and Che

Give Che & Gordon a follow on their Social Media channels and feel free to reach out and say hello to them!

Thank you Che & Gordon for being a part of this Skoolie Community!

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