About Skoolie Project

Skoolie project is an unabridged resource for all things related to skoolies and skoolie life. 

We know firsthand how overwhelming it is to take on a project like converting an old retired school bus into a functional and comfortable tiny home on wheels.

Most people do not have a background in carpentry, plumbing, electrical, solar installation, or diesel mechanics.  We have been a part of the skoolie community for over 5 years now and know that without good reliable resources and good reliable people, converting your own skoolie is a monumental task.

Our goal here at Skoolie Project is to provide you with that helping hand for information, ideas, inspiration, and guidance so that you can reach your goals of living your best skoolie life.

What many people fail to recognize is that skoolie life, van life, RV life, or any kind of nomadic vehicle used for traveling, exploring, and living on the road is the same and relatable.

Skoolie Project regularly attends skoolie meet-ups, swarms, festivals, and Tiny House Festivals across the country.  We are deeply involved in the skoolie community and love the skoolie life and the people who make up this alternative lifestyle.

We look forward to lending you that helping hand while you seek out your skoolie journey and look forward to connecting with you out on the road.

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