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My name is Paul Cross and this is how I got into bus life.

How Did You Get Into Bus Life?

As it probably started for many others, my Bus life began for me on a bit of a whim. 

I saw a couple who converted buses online and fell in love with all the amazing things people were doing with a bus! 

I thought about the very least, it would make a cool camper/weekend vehicle. I've always been a DIY kind of guy and love building and creating so I thought this would be a fantastic DIY project! 

Then I started to lookup more at the people that live this way, the groups, the communities, the incredible connections they have, and fell in love.

I then checked out an online auction site that I've used before. The bus was won from a school about 100 miles away. No idea it would be such a life-changing purchase! 

I love it.

Where Did You Find Your Bus?

I purchased my bus online from

It was a great deal. 2003 International, 7.3 diesel engine, 105,000 miles and only about 100 miles away to pick up. 

My winning bid was $1000!

Why Did You Choose This Bus?

To be honest, I didn't really know what to look for at the time and mostly bought this bus because of the deal I got on it. I was lucky enough that it worked out just fine! 

I'm still thinking that my next build (yes, I'm that nuts) will be a shorter bus.

But for now, I do love my bus!

How Was The Conversion Process?

The bus conversion process was a long one for me because of its initial intended use (camper/weekend use). 

A slow project (that started when I bought it in 2016) up until I decided to see if my house would sell in 2021 in the then-current “sellers' market. 

It sold in three days! I then had one month to pack up the house, get rid of most of my possessions, and finish making my bus livable. 

As of May 2021, I was full-time living in my new, drivable home.

I have to say it was an incredible time. I loved building things and seeing them work (like the solar and water)! So many things I'd do differently but glad it will help others down the road (telling them of my mistakes).

What Is It Like To Live And Travel In A Bus?

Traveling and living in a bus is definitely a different lifestyle but I wouldn't trade it for anything right now

I used to think I didn't like the idea of having a place where my kids couldn't come visit or stay with me (a “regular” home) but now I realize my kids love what I'm doing and now and I can come to stay with THEM instead!

What Do You Like Most About Living In A Bus?

It's so great knowing that can I drive to wherever I'd like, park, have all my belongings, enjoy the area, and move on if I'd like. It's an amazing feeling of freedom and adventure. 

What Do You Like Least About Living In A Bus?

Maybe having a “garage” with tools. That might be the only real thing I miss about living on a bus. Honestly, though, it's a small thing compared to what I've gained, and hard to think of anything else Io really dislikes about this life.

What Is Something You Would Like To Tell People Looking To Get Into Bus Life?

Bus life is both challenging AND amazing. 

I learned so much since I did everything myself. I would recommend something similar to this for anyone creative and looking for adventure. 

And if you don't feel you have the skills, buy a van or bus already done! Find a deal and go!

If you do build your own (talking to ANY Skoolie owner) the process is never done. Always tweaking, replacing things, redoing things, and getting better ideas from your fellow Skoolie friends.

Where Can We Follow You?

IG @evolutionbuz

Is There Anything Else You'd Like To Share That Will Inspire Others?

Life is continually evolving.

And as mine evolved, I realized I needed fewer things, less space, work wasn't as important as I had made it out to be and I started feeling like I needed to travel. 

So my “camper” slowly started turning into a home instead.

After vocal cord cancer, surgery, and a year off work, other things became even more important to me. Like wanting to get more out of life.

Skoolie life consists of an amazing community of people and lifelong connections are made at every event or meet-up you go to. 

I think of my life before this and would never go back to what I thought was “important” at that time. 

Enjoy life. 

Do things that make you happy and Live!

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