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Hi, my name is Amanda,

How did you get into bus life?

It's been an idea brewing in the back of my mind for as long as I can remember.  Life happened and threw us into a situation where we could make the idea a reality so we ran with it.  

Where did you find your bus:  

A shuttle bus company in Connecticut

Why did you choose this bus? 

I wanted one with fewer miles, a rear-engine, a flat face, and a specific engine/transmission type. 

How was the conversion process? 

It's been much slower and more expensive than anticipated. 

It's been FUN, exciting, stressful, and full of troubleshooting with learning.   

My three children are helping me with the skoolie build.  

We've all had a lot of teachable moments along the way. 

What is it like to live/travel on the bus? 

We've only traveled in it while it was gutted and empty to attend a couple of skoolie events. It's been rewarding yet trying. 

What do you like most about living in a bus? 

Simplicity (less is more).  TIME with each other (family time).  

Being able to travel to see and do new things (while my kids are still young). 

<– That's the goal. 

What is something you would like to tell people looking to get into this life?

DO IT.  Don't wait.  Go after it if you want it.  It's worth it.

Where can we follow you?   

Instagram:  @unpredictablejourney

Something you would like to say to other skoolie peeps or anyone considering skoolie life?

Safe Travels. See ya out there!

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