2023 Best Skoolie Dog Gear

Skoolie life is great alone and even better with your partner.  Having a man’s best friend as your travel companion makes Skoolie Life even better.   Having the right essential skoolie dog gear makes it great for your pup.

It’s not just enough to have a water and food bowl and a place to sleep in your skoolie for your pup.  Having the best skoolie dog gear makes it much more of an epic experience for both you and your dog.

Having the proper skoolie dog gear is not complicated, expensive, or excessive.  It is having the right gear for everyday life that enhances the whole skoolie life experience for your dog.

Let’s take a look at some basic skoolie dog gear for 2022.

Time To Eat – Skoolie Dog Gear

When it comes to meals and snacks, our canine friends should be eating in comfort, safety, and with the best foods available to them.  

If they are eating the cheap Ol Roy stuff from Walmart, that is basically the equivalent of you eating McDonald's every day.

Aside from eating healthy, be sure that they have food and water bowls made not only for their size but ones that best help them consume and ultimately digest their food.

Be Consistent!  

Dogs love routine.  Feeding them at the same times and in the same place with the same bowls is good for them.  

It’s okay to change up their food choices from time to time, but don’t go from bland, bland, bland to all of a sudden something rich and fatty.  Otherwise, you may be mopping up dog poop from your floor!

Elevating their food and water bowls off of the floor is a more natural position for them to chew and swallow their food.  It gets the digestion of the food off to the right start.

Something like this is a good food and water dish holder.  It may be a basic skoolie dog gear item, but it will go a long way in your pup's comfort while eating and drinking.

skoolie dog gear

Time To Sleep – Skoolie Dog Gear

Some of our dogs in the past would fall down and go to sleep just about anywhere.  One of our pups, Kona, actually prefers to sleep in chaos.  If there are cords, rocks, books, or anything that looks uncomfortable, that is where he wants to sleep.  

Most dogs are den-centric though.  They have a place where they are most comfortable and most secure to sleep.  

Where ever that spot is for your dog, allow them to sleep there and make it nice and comfy for them.

Perhaps your dog is a burrower.  Get them a doggie bed that allows them to crawl up into and “hide” away. This is a skoolie dog gear item that both of our dogs just love.

skoolie dog gear

Your pups may be similar to ours though.  Where we sleep, they sleep.  If you are comfortable and allow your dog(s) to sleep in your bed with you, this is the most natural place for them.

Dogs are pack animals.  You are most likely the Alpha in their pack.  It is natural for them to want to sleep with you.  It is also a bonding environment for them as well.

Want to be more connected and closer to your dog?  Snuggle up with them at night and be their best friend!

Time To Play – Skoolie Dog Gear

Playtime is our favorite time.  It is when we are waking up in the morning.  It’s a more subdued playtime though.

Lots of gentle bites, licking, and morning yawns and grumbles.  It is a time for more bonding and connecting together as pack mates.

The outside and more serious playtimes are much more energetic and rambunctious.  Having the right play toys for your pooch is essential to their exercise for a healthy body as well as a healthy psyche.

Does your dog like to fetch?  Can you throw a ball or toy well enough for it to be fun for your pooch?  Try a Chuck It! Fetch Ball Launcher.  You and your dog will love playing with this toy! 

This is one of our and Kinzie's favorite skoolie dog gear toys! This toy allows us to throw Kinzie's ball far so she gets a good workout!

skoole dog gear

Perhaps your dog is a tug-of-war kind of dog?   A good rope toy or something that will allow them to grip tightly with their teeth and pull. 

This type of play builds muscle as well as confidence in your dog.  Of course, when playing tug-of-war, you have to let your dog win and praise them when they do.

Chew toys are just as important.  A good selection of chew toys allows your dog to relax and chew.  Chewing to a dog is like playing video games or reading a good book to a human. 

Besides, a good chew toy is good for removing plaque and tartar from their teeth.  

Safety – Skoolie Dog Gear

Safety is one of the most important aspects of a skoolie dog!  When stopping at rest areas, truck stops for fuel, or camping anywhere there is moving traffic nearby is a real potential danger for your dog.

Making sure your dog is either secured in a seat harness or tethered so they do not run out of your skoolie when the door opens, can save their life. This is one skoolie dog gear item that may ultimately save their lives one day.

Training our newest pack member, Kenzie, to stay seated when we open the doors to our van or skoolie is critical for her safety.

Not only when stopping in trafficked areas, but when traveling and camping in the wilderness.  

Having the right leash, doggie seat belt, and collars or harness is paramount for their safety. 

Be sure to keep your dog safe at all times and in all situations.  SOne of the best ways to do so is by:

  • Have them microchipped in the event they are separated from you.
  • Have a reflective harness or collar with a bright LED light attached.
  • Your name and phone number on a collar tag
  • Leashed or Harnessed in most situations
  • Never let your dog wander off on its own.  
  • Always keep your eyes on your dog when off-leash

These are skoolie dog gear items that are not expensive items but are worth every penny spent for your dog's safety and your peace of mind.

Just following these simple guidelines increases the security and safety of both you and your little furry friend.

Time To Travel – Skoolie Dog Gear

When you are traveling, your dog is no different than you, your partner or spouse, or your children. 

As you are barreling down the road at 55 or 65 miles an hour, you may have to brake suddenly from time to time.  

While, you may not select to harness your pup in a doggie seatbelt, at least have a safe place for them to travel.

If your canine friend gets nervous while traveling, get them a thunder shirt or a crate that allows them to “den” themselves until they feel safer and more secure.  

Traveling doesn’t have to be an epic experience for your little pup, but it shouldn’t be a stressful time for them either.  

Wrap-Up To Essential Skoolie Dog Gear

Don’t ever complicate things when it comes to your skoolie dog.  They want the same thing all of us to want.  Comfort, security, excitement, and simple, happy life.  

It’s not about having a ton of dog accessories for your pup, it’s more about having the right accessories that fit well with life traveling, and living in a tiny house on wheels.  

We all know this is an alternative lifestyle that many people only dream about.  Keep it simple and on point, and skoolie life with your four-legged best friend can be a breeze and adventure all in one.  

If you would like to read more about Traveling In A Skoolie With Your Pets, give this a read and lets us know what you think.  Here is another good article on Traveling with your Pet.

We’d love to feature you and your pet on our Skoolie Community Page.  Reach out to us in the comments below or click on the link above.  

We want to share your and your skoolie story to help inspire others to follow their dreams of living and traveling outside of the norms of the modern societal rat race.

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