fit and healthy in a skoolie

10 Ways To Stay Fit and Healthy In A Skoolie

Staying fit and healthy in a skoolie is much easier than one might think.  All of the pieces to the puzzle are already right there at your disposal.

We are not here today to try and define and paint a picture of what healthy and fit looks like.  It is surely a sliding scale depending on each individual's goals, lifestyle, and perspective.

We are offering some tried and true ways on how anyone can get or stay fit and healthy in a skoolie.

Sure, there is the “Instagram” fit and healthy where everyone looks like a Hollywood model.  There is the NIH, National Institute of Health, and the WHO, World Health Organization that have determined BMI and weight to height standards.

Then there is you.  The individual who truly determines what your ideal fitness and health are and should be for you.  

Most of us have a little wiggle room to improve our fitness and health.  Toby Kieth said it best with, “I ain’t as good as I once was, but I am as good once as I ever was.”

It really does all start with a healthy diet and exercise.  Living and traveling in a skoolie, is much easier than you may think.

Healthy Diet and Exercise

Eating healthy is not as difficult and boring as one might think.  All you have to do is get on the internet and Google yummy healthy recipes and voila!  You have at your disposal an encyclopedia of recipes from all over the world.

Healthy eating is anything but boring.  Granted, we love some Mac n Cheese.  Pork and beans with sausage and biscuits are about as good as it gets.

Those foods aren’t going to help you reach your health and fitness goals.  They are a treat no doubt, but they should also be eaten like a treat.  Only once in a while.  

Good, clean healthy protein with high-fiber carbohydrates.  Little to no processed or GMO foods and limit your processed sugars and bread to a minimum.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it?  The good news is, it really is that simple. 

Once you get into the groove of healthy eating, it’s time to kick up a level and start an exercise routine.


There is a big difference between starting to exercise for the first time and starting to exercise again.

You may have always been lean and seemed fit, but never exercised as a routine in your life.  We know many people who have always been lean due to a high metabolism.

As we grow older, so do our bodies change.  Every 7 to 10 years our body goes through a rejuvenation of change.  Our cells are constantly replacing themselves.  

You may notice as you get older, you heal slower, your metabolism slows and you may develop allergies you never had before.  That is because your body is changing.

In order to keep your bones strong, your organs healthy, and your muscle mass intact, exercise is key to keeping yourself active, fit, healthy, and young feeling.

We are going to talk about some exercise programs that are working for us.  Consistency is the key to any health and fitness program.  

One of the ways we like to stay fit and healthy in a skoolie is by kayaking and swimming. We love being on the water as often as we can!

Just because you live in a tiny house on wheels, doesn't mean you can't go kayaking whenever you want. Read about some portable kayaks that are easy to store and tons of fun out on the water!

Be on the lookout for blogs about more detailed workout programs for each type of exercise equipment.

Protip Disclosure
Never begin an exercise program until you have consulted with your doctor.  

TRX straps

TRX exercise straps have become one of our favorite pieces of exercise equipment.  Regardless if you are living in a skoolie, van conversion, RV or still living in a house or apartment, TRX Straps can do it all for you.

TRX suspension training uses your body weight, gravity, and positioning of your feet and hands to adjust and determine the level of difficulty for each exercise.

With the TRX suspension straps, there are more than 50 effective exercises available for you to learn and perform.  Each exercise can be adjusted for the level of difficulty. There are few better ways to get or stay fit and healthy in a skoolie than with the TRX suspension straps!

fit and healthy in a skoolie

There is no excuse for getting stronger, healthier, and more fit with a set of TRX suspension straps.  The great thing about these is they are affordable and take up very little storage space.

You can mount the straps directly to the side of your skoolie and get a good workout wherever you may be camping.  

Super easy to install, all you need is a D-ring mounted to the side of your skoolie to make this the perfect equipment to stay fit and healthy in your skoolie.  

Attaching Auxillary D rings to your Skoolie

Installing a D-ring or a few of them on the exterior of your skoolie is as simple and easy as drilling a hole or attaching a screw.  

We prefer to install the D-rings just above the windows on the top side of the curvature of the bus.

We also prefer to attach heavy-duty D-rings to the side of the bus just under the windows.  This will allow for different angles and thus, different exercises for your TRX straps.  The heavy-duty D-rings are a great accessory to help you stay or get fit and healthy in a skoolie.


Having a set of dumbbells will provide you with many different exercises.  Dumbbells will provide upper body exercises such as arms, chest, shoulders, and back.   

Incorporating dumbbells as a part of your exercise regime is something that can be done inside or outside of your skoolie.  

fit and healthy in a skoolie

They are easy to store and do not take up much room.  They are versatile and can give you a complete workout for both your upper body as well as a good leg workout.  Want to become fit and healthy in a skoolie, start pumping those dumbells!

Resistance Bands

Using Resistance Bands is another excellent whole workout system for both men and women to get a solid workout.  The resistance bands here can be added together to create 150 lbs of resistance.

You can anchor the resistance bands to a door, furniture, your feet, or onto a D-ring on the inside or outside of your skoolie.  These bands will give you a total body workout.

resistance bands

Resistance bands are a great tool to get or stay fit and healthy in a skoolie. They are inexpensive and easy to store.

Walking and Hiking

Walking and hiking is probably the best form of exercise you can get to stay fit and healthy in a skoolie.  Besides the health benefits of walking and hiking, you are exercising your mind and spirit with the exploration of the land.  

If you want to take your walking and hiking exercise up another level, add weights to your ankles and wrists.  By adding the additional weight, you can get both an upper body and leg workout at the same time.

Ankle and wrist weights are a simple and effective way to increase muscle mass as well as definition.  Easy to attach to your wrists and ankles and easy to store when not in use.  

Furniture Fitness

If you don’t want to spend the money on exercise equipment or do not want the extra weight on your skoolie, there are ways to satisfy strength training without the equipment. Yes! You can get fit and healthy in a skoolie without expensive gym equipment.

You can do a good bit of weight training by just using the furniture in your skoolie.  Dips, push-ups, pull-ups, crunches, and lunges are just a few examples of exercises you can do all on your own.

Be creative and look for ways to work out without using any additional equipment so you can be fit and healthy in a skoolie.


If you have a bicycle with you as you travel, the ability to be fit and healthy in a skoolie just got a lot easier.  A bicycle provides you with a great leg and butt workout, but it can also provide you with a beneficial cardiovascular workout.  

Getting your heart rate up to 60% of its maximum rate for at least 20 minutes, then you are giving your heart and lungs an excellent workout.

Besides the health and fitness benefits of bike riding, you also experience a sense of freedom and mental health from feeling the wind blowing across your face and through your hair.

Having a bicycle alone is not going to make you fit and healthy in a skoolie. You have to get out there and ride it!

Fitness Apps To Stay Fit and Healthy in A Skoolie

There are tons of fitness apps available to help you with exercising with TRX straps, dumbbells, or no equipment at all.

Some of our favorite apps are listed here.  Most have a free version and are upgradable for a monthly fee for more benefits. Here are our Top 5 apps to help you stay fit and healthy in a skoolie.

  • JeFit
  • OpenFit
  • Seven
  • Freeletics
  • 8Fits

You don’t need an app to help you stay fit and healthy in a skoolie, but an app may help you stay more focused and organized with your workouts.

Wrap-Up to Stay Fit and Healthy In A Skoolie

Staying fit and healthy in a skoolie is no harder or easier than staying fit and healthy in a house or apartment.  It is a mental game you play with yourself.

Your intention and mindset sets the tone for how serious and dedicated you are to a healthy lifestyle for what that means to you personally.

You can technically be “overweight” and still be healthy.  For my height, the NIH and WHO say that I should weigh 180lbs.  At the healthiest and most athletic time of my life, I was 220 lbs and had 4% body fat. 

Technically, I was “overweight” but I looked like the picture of health.  All of that to say, stop focusing on what others say you should look like and be.  Focus on yourself and what makes you feel good and what you look like that makes you happy.

How would you stay fit and healthy in a skoolie?  We loved to hear from you.  Leave us a comment at the end of this blog.

We look forward to connecting with you!

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