Custom Skoolie Stickers designed and personalized! Take a look at our past designs and let us know if we can create something unique and special to show off your skoolie to your friends and community!
All of our custom Skoolie sticker designs are hand drawn digitally by Nat Silver. Take a look at what other customers say below!

Skoolie Simple: $150 Range

These designs are typically the side or 3/4 view, color or line art with a simple scene or text.

Skoolie Complex: $200 Range

These designs have a little more going on with a more detailed scene and/or one caricature included like a dog, cat or human.

Skoolie Pro: $300+ Range

These designs usually have a more detailed scene and/or multiple caricatures drawn.


Word on the Street about Nat Silver is…

One of the nicest compliments anyone can ever receive they say is for someone to give a referral to a friend or family about someone's quality of work.

I have been an artist since I was a young girl. Art has always been an outlet of self-expression, love, pride, and a way to relieve stress and anxiety.

Creating Skoolie stickers and decals for my nomadic friends is more than just a joy for me. It is an honor to be included in your nomadic journey.

Thank you for allowing me to be a small part of your world. I love creating for you all and sincerely appreciate your kind and thoughtful words of appreciation of my work.

Thank you,

Nat Silver


Customer Rating

This is the best one you have made so far. Super excited about this sticker. Can’t express how happy and blown away I am with this. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
The Fishbowl
Nat Silver has done numerous design projects for us, including promotional stickers. Though her art is great, it’s her professionalism that really stands out. Excellent communication, always on time, revisions, if needed, are swift and as described. I have worked with many graphic designers over the years, Nat is head and shoulders above the rest.
Yvan & Sylvie
Lacroix Cruiser
We hired Nat after she was recommended by another nomad friend and she was so helpful at getting what we wanted to have shown our bus with a beautiful design. We actually had her do another later too because her work is so personalized and beautiful!
Chelle & Griselda
My Decal was fun to make. Nat Silver took all my views into account. She then ran with it and the outcome was definitely good to go. I love the results. She has a great mind when paying attention to your bus in order to make the skoolie decal the right way.
Edward Moralez

Upgrade your sticker to a Tee!

If you would like your design on a tee, mug, hoodie, etc….shoot me a message and I will reach out!

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